Assessment: Consultation, Evaluation & Goal Setting

Current Health & Medical Status

A review of your current health, including lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise, current medical conditions and wellness goals provide a starting point for your customized program.

Current Fitness Levels

Next, your current level of physical fitness is assessed through initial discussion and exercise sessions.

Fitness and Wellness Goals

Kimberly will discuss with you your fitness goals. Whether it is weight loss; building muscle mass and strength; increasing cardiovascular endurance for tennis, running; or improving flexibility for your golf swing. Kimberly will set specific measurable, tangible goals with you.

Diet and Nutrition Guidance

Working collaboratively, Kimberly will perform a diet and nutrition evaluation and provide a comprehensive plan; not simply for meals but also pre and post workouts, snacking and necessary indulgences.

Massage Program

Based on your needs, Kimberly will select the proper massage therapies you require and set a schedule for regular body work- this supports your fitness and wellness programs.