“I have been working with Kim for over 8 years. After a severe tennis accident (torn hamstring in multiple locations) doctors told me I would never play tennis again. It took a year for the injury to heal and that is when I met Kim (through my physical therapist).

For years, Kim has given me weekly massages, relentlessly working at the significant scar tissue build up….I am now back on the courts, including playing with Energy-Bomb-Kim!

While the scar tissue work is never done, Kim’s skilled deep tissue and sport’s massage, her patience and knowledge of the body have allowed me to resume my passion of playing tennis again, against all odds.

Kim was also instrumental when, 2 years ago, I decided I needed to focus on my nutrition: Kim introduced me to Lara Sutton, a great nutritonist. Lara gently but firmly put me on track to help me reach my goals.

I am very impressed with Kim’s positive energy, talent and long experience and interest in health and fitness. She has had a real impact on my life. In addition to her skills, she is a lot of fun!”

- Elsa, Houlihan Lokey, New York

” Kimberly Mitchell has brought into our home many of the services of a world class spa. Kimberly is a superb massage therapist, personal trainer and nutritional consultant. She has helped every member of our family of 5 , spanning four decades in age. She has assisted us with a variety of health and physical fitness issues, including rehabilitation from sports injuries and counseling on our food and dietary choices. We have spun, cycled and played tennis with her. The ultimate gift to ourselves is a one or two hour deep tissue massage in the comfort of our Manhattan apartment. We have had these treatments in some of the great spas of Europe, Asia and the Pacific, but nothing has matched Kimberly’s strong  and tender skill. Among us, we are members of a half dozen clubs that offer many of these services, but frequently our work makes it hard to avail ourselves of them at the times they are offered. Kimberly is not only accomodating about scheduling but relentless about getting us to find the time to take care of our health in our home. If you can’t get to Tucson or Lenox, Kimberly will bring them to your apartment. “

- Constantine Family, New York City

“I started training with Kimberly summer 2010 in East Hampton, NY.  Being a busy mother, she made it very convenient for me and did house calls. After the summer I returned to New York City and we continued personal training, massage therapy, and we take spin classes together. Working with Kimberly has really helped me figure out my goals and then work towards attaining them. I’m already down a pants size.”

- Sydney, Busy mom, New York City